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Electricity Consumption.

The annual cost of operation of robotic cleaners is 0.18kW @ 3 hours per day operation time @ 365 days per year @ R1.20 per kWh.  This cost is R236.52 / yr.

Robotic cleaners demand less power than needed by filtration pumps and motors that supply suction cleaners in addition to basic filtration needs.  They offer an energy saving and demand reduction opportunity as well as potential savings on maintenance.

Elene's Pools Is a Dolphin Supreme Dealer

 That means you, our valued client will get the best prices and service on all Dolphin products.  We have stock in store to supply immediatly. 

Free demo's can be arranged in Centurion areas.

All Elene's Pools Staff is trained to do demonstrations and repairs, and is looking forward to show you Dolphin's intelligent, self-adjusting software that ensures optimsed coverage for any size or shape pool (including beach entry pools).

It has an effective surface scrubbing system with reliable dirt and debris collection.  It's dual-level filtration system efficiently cleans in any pool condition and precise water line cleaning effectively removes oily layer build-up.

Designed for reliable, long-lasting performance:

  • Full warranty on all parts.
  • Fully automated operation.
  • Obstacle escape mechanism
  • Motor protection system.
  • Designed to last.
  • Build-in self-diagnostics.
  • 36 months full warranty on all parts of the M5.
  • M4 and M5 suction rate of 17 m3 per hour.
  • Motor unit voltage of 24 VDC.

Exceptional Pool Experience!!!