The Aquaswim range of sand filters has a seamless, one piece moulded polyethylene tank.  Fitted with a side mounted Multiport valve for easy selection of standard operating features.
R 2990.00
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This product allows you the satisfaction and enjoyment you deserve from your koi pond or water feature.  Easy to open and close.  All sizes available.
R 4390.00
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High quality silica sand for swimming pools.  Contact us for koi filter sand also. 
R 109.50
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Elene's Pools is very proud to be a independant business owner of Amway South Africa. For quality products to clean in and around your house and swimming pool and spa, contact us or visit our Centurion Lifestyle branch. Elene's Pools 
R 14000.00
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This product can be installed by Elene's Pools. Please ask for assistance.

The complete system can fit under this rock box made of fibre glass. L=1400mm, W=1100mm Bottom, H=700mm.

This product is made of plastic and can fit the complete system. L=1200mm, W=810mm, H=720mm.

This part is only for the Collins filters and fits onto the Muti Port Valve.

The collins filter bleeder pipe is on the outside of the filter and this stud holds it in place.

The MPV fits onto the side of the filter.

This is the bottom part of the MPV.

This plug closes the hole on the side of the MPV where the pressure gauge fits.

The wagon wheel gasket fits under the MPV top. It seals the ports.

The diffuser is part of the top of the MPV. This parts seals on the wagon wheel when turned.

When you need to change the pipes this plug can be used on the MPV.