How to Shock your pool - 2024-04-09

Dive into a crystal-clear paradise with these pool-shocking tips! When to Shock Your Pool: Timing is everything! Shock your pool every 1-2 weeks during the swimming season, after heavy usage, or adverse weather conditions. Follow these indicators for a perfectly timed shock: Sun Down Party Time Stormy Weather Sunny Days Closing Time Ho... more

Should I switch off my pool pump? - 2024-02-27

Often to save money, you might be tempted to switch your pool off. Although turning the system (pump/salt cell/etc) off wil save on electricity, the cost of doing this may be much more expensive in the long run. The pool requires the water to be filtered and moving so the salt cell can sanitise the water or if using other chemicals. Leaving ... more

Cleaning and Testing - 2023-02-21

Brushing the pool surfaces is one of the most under rated factors in the pool maintenance, yet it is so important. It is critical that the surface be manually brushed regularly to prevent the formation of biofilm, which is the base for algae growth. Unless you make use of a Dolphin Robotic Poolcleaner with the ability to brush the surfaces active.... more

Project Moving to own premises. - 2020-02-27

We recently moved to our own premises and what a wonderful change. Not only do we not have to pay a ridiculous amount on rent anymore to a shopping center, but the staff and clients are very happy and that makes me happy. People come in and talk for hours about their pools with us and that is what we like. I invite everyone to have a cup of coffee ... more

Our Own Premises - 2020-02-18

We are happy and blessed. We are very happy to now have our own premises. We have been in the Centurion Lifestyle center for many many years but we realized that it will be not only for us but also for our clients and friends, better and safer to shop at our own premises. Now you can stop right in front of our door, do your shopping and even hav... more

Mud Floods - 2019-12-14

Rain and mud floods. We are used to floods and mud,sand and other debris that causes big problems for pool owners in South Africa all over the country. What most pool owners still don't know is how to get all of that mud out of the pool without draining the conplete thing. Try and scoop out as much as possible floating debris. We suggest tha... more

Why Ecoclear recycled glass filter media and not silica sand. - 2017-08-25

Today we are talking about filter media again because it is so important to make sure that your filter system is in perfect working order for the pool water to be crystal clear. Ecoclear is 100% recycled glass.  That in its self will make you want to rather use it instead of silica sand. It is a bio resistant product that is much lighter th... more

Dolphin E20 - 2015-07-26

Dolphin E20 Yes, i know i said i would talk more about pool safety and how to keep your family safe near the swimming area, and i will because it is a very important topic, but something amazing came up that i just can't keep to myself anymore!!! The NEW Dolphin E20 Robotic Pool Cleaner will be in our shop by the end of Aug 2015!! ... more


How to change sand from a filter. It is so important to clean your filter sand or just simply replace it. Filtration is very important to keep water clean and healthy.  I have found that everyone has its own way of cleaning the sand filter but it all comes down to one thing...get the sand out, wash the filter without breaking filter ... more


Filtration and circulation.   Filtration is defined as the passage of a fluid through a porous medium to remove matter held in suspension.  Filtration is a very simple process.  As the fluid (in this case the pool or spa water) passes through a media of sand, diatomaceous earth or fibrous material, particles are trapped wit... more


Elene's Pools is a Dolphin Supreme Dealer All Elene's Pools shops will always give you the best deal on a Dolphin Robotic Poolcleaner. Give us a call NOW!! 0126536290 and speak to Sharen to book a FREE demo at your pool. Yes FREE demo!!! Also, ask her about the M500 About the M500 Step-up to a new experience with this wall-clim... more