Why Ecoclear recycled glass filter media and not silica sand.

Today we are talking about filter media again because it is so important to make sure that your filter system is in perfect working order for the pool water to be crystal clear.

Ecoclear is 100% recycled glass.  That in its self will make you want to rather use it instead of silica sand. It is a bio resistant product that is much lighter than silica sand and last much longer with a lower lifetime cost.

Ecoclear reduces the frequency of backwash requirements.  Bachwashes can be done when the pressure in the filter increases by 50% over the starting pressure and less water will be required during the bachwash until the waste water runs clear. Filter Cleanse is advised every 1-2 years that is a great way to maintain filter efficiency and may even prevent the neef for an early re-grade.

Packaging is in 15kg bags compare to silica sand in 40kg.

Use coarse in the bottom and fine on top. If you want to know how much sand or glass to use in your filter, please phone our shop and we will gladly help you.  There are many different filter tipes and sizes and with a few questions we can advise you what and how much sands or glass to buy.

If you want greater chlorine efficiency and less chloramines then ecoclear recycled glass media is the product for you.

Enjoy your Pool!!!!